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    Dr. J T POL
    Medicine and Diabetology
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    To provide the Best & quality health care services to the public at large & even poor & needy patients get services at 50% concessional rates & even free of cost through Krishnamai Medical & Research Foundation.

    To be a trusted healthcare provider in rural and semi-urban areas, recognized for excellence in delivering integrated and patient-centric medical care with a strong focus on quality, convenience, and compassionate service.

  • Our Research Centre is Recognized as a drug trailer by the Drug Control Authority of the Government of India

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  • Drug Control Authority by the Government of India



Kidney Related Services

Comprehensive care for kidney health, including diagnosis, treatment, and management of kidney diseases, is provided by experienced medical professionals.

General Medicine

Comprehensive primary care and medical management for a wide range of health conditions, provided by experienced physicians.


Comprehensive heart care and advanced treatments are provided by experienced cardiologists for optimal cardiovascular health.


Specialized medical care for kidney health and treatment of kidney diseases.


Expert care for diabetes and related metabolic disorders is provided by specialized physicians with a focus on prevention, management, and patient education.



Chest Trauma

Comprehensive medical management of chest trauma, including assessment, stabilization, and appropriate interventions to address injuries to the chest wall, lungs, and other structures.

Electric Shock

Emergency medical care and management of electric shock injuries, including assessment, resuscitation, and treatment of associated burns or other complications.


Medical care and therapies for stroke patients to recover and manage the effects of a stroke, including medication, rehabilitation, and lifestyle adjustments.

Renal Failure

Comprehensive medical care and management for renal failure patients, including addressing underlying causes, dialysis or other renal replacement therapies, and lifestyle modifications to optimize kidney function and overall health.

Heart attack

Emergency medical care and interventions for heart attack patients restore blood flow to the heart and prevent further damage, including medications, procedures, and lifestyle changes.

Cardiogenic Shock

Aggressive medical interventions, including medications, mechanical support, and addressing underlying causes, stabilize and support patients with cardiogenic shock, a life-threatening condition where the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs.

Snake Bite

Prompt medical attention and interventions, including antivenom administration, wound care, and monitoring, for snake bite victims to minimize venom effects and prevent complications.


Medical management of epilepsy using medications, lifestyle modifications, and other interventions to reduce seizures and improve quality of life.

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